Eng.Tahani Ghobon

Teaching and Research Assistant at HTU
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Eng.Tahani A. Ghobon is an accomplished Electrical Engineer who earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She currently serves as a Teaching and Research Assistant at Al Hussein Technical University - School of Engineering Technology, where she has taught various laboratory courses such as Data Analytics, Digital Principles and FPGA, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Industrial Power Electronics, and Storage. Engineer Ghobon possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in engineering software and design codes, including MATLAB, SIMULINK, Quartus, Blender, Python, VHDL, C++, and Arduino. Her research interests primarily center around artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, electrical machine drives, and power systems. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering, Engineer Ghobon is poised to make significant contributions to the industry, and she is a valuable asset to any team or organization she works with.


Electrical Circuits

Electrical Circuits