Business Technology

A Step into the World of Freelancing

This online pathway is designed to develop leadership skills that can be applied in various professional settings.


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Pathway Overview

This pathway is about creating leaders who are ready to work anywhere and everywhere.
Participants will start by having self-awareness and discovering their individual and career goals to build the greater picture by working in their fields of passion smoothly and with no borders.
Participants will be able to market themselves in the right manner while reaching the biggest possible audience through learning business management and leadership.
This Pathway will demonstrate what is it to have a blend between your emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient towards making money!

Learning Outcomes

Use the principles of content marketing with a creative strategy to find, reach, and engage target audiences

Understand successful negotiation skills

Develop the right skills to talk and interact with people

Use leadership skills to work more effectively with others

Gain emotional insights to understand and implement change

Apply collaborative, inclusive, and creative communication practices for increased freelance job opportunities

Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy

Identify the key components of effective networking

Develop knowledge of adaptability and flexibility that enable one to remain versatile and relevant in the business

Field of practice

Self Employee

Technical Requirements

Good Study Environment

Good Internet Connection

A computer with good processing power and memory to run the necessary software

Good computer skills

Basic concepts of project management and time management

Familiarity with using a word processing, presentation software, or other productivity applications

Familiarity with communication tools such as; social media ,email , messaging apps , or video conferencing software

Courses in this accelerated pathway

Digital literacy is one of the highest skills needed nowadays with the digital transformation to be able to learn, work, communicate, and participate in the digital world through technology. In this course, you will learn the skills needed to have access to the internet and expand your education and business opportunities.
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One of the most important skills that an individual must acquire is self-awareness and knowing your interests, needs, and special desires. In this course, you will learn about personality types, the concept of empathy, and thinking about others through a range of activities.
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Building a digital footprint is a matter to create e brand identity for you and your business to develop a positive reputation and impression that leads to opportunity and builds trust with your audience/clients
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Management and business skills are improving work-life balance and increasing happiness by having effective communication to reduce conflict. In this course, you will explore the techniques and skills needed for effective management and business writing skills to increase productivity and efficiency.
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Freelancing and remote work have been becoming more and more popular in the last few years. In this course, you will know the basics of freelancing and remote work tools to ensure high levels of productivity and business satisfaction can be maintained.
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Expanding your knowledge of business sustainability and setting an action plan for your career and business growth is essential to succeed. Therefore, in this course, you will learn how to sustain your business, plan for your career and business, and develop your leadership skills.
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Pathway Team

Shatha AlAzzab

Batool Ghanem

Alaa Abdalla

Director of professional development , community engagement and outreach center

Dima Bilto

Bayan Alraqqad

Center of Professional Developments Programs Specialist