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Techworks is CPF’s flagship innovation platform and Jordan’s premier innovation engine with the mission of bringing together youth, ideas, and resources to jump-start successful innovations and strengthen the country’s innovation capabilities.

TechWorks is a world-class hub in the ‘makers’ space attracting, inspiring, enabling, and supporting makers, creators, and talented youth in Jordan. The public, society-based digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) provides a significant boost to collaboration between innovators and the broader innovation community – well beyond the physical maker-space. 

Through creating a sustainable, highly integrated ecosystem that encompasses the entire innovation process – from discovery and ideation through to design, development and commercialization - TechWorks seeks to support young innovators on multiple levels, enabling them to design, engineer, and manufacture just about anything.

TechWorks is built as a national model of excellence to create a stimulating environment for young innovators, designers, and tinkerers to build products and solutions, collaborate with local and global innovators, and showcase results. TechWorks provides youth access to the right resources, talent, and infrastructure, with the goal of cultivating youth curiosity in ‘making’, thereby bringing them closer to the industry, and fueling a swift rise in spinoffs and startup enterprises.

Encouraging a culture of user freedom, responsibility, accountability, and community, TechWorks is set to become home to industry veterans and mentors supporting the innovation process. TechWorks provides youth with access to capacity building programs focusing on employability, entrepreneurship and innovation. Through the facility, CPF further creates synergies amongst schools, universities, donors, industry, investors, individuals, civil society organizations, and the government.


Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Subtractive Manufacturing Techniques