Yusra Alkhalaileh

API Developer
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Yusra Alkhalaileh is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for Technology and Innovation. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Hashemite University, Yusra has acquired a solid foundation in the field. Yusra's expertise extends to various areas, including her certifications in Uipath RPA Developer, RPA Architecture, and RPA Business Analyst. She possesses a keen interest in Agile methodologies and remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.

Yusra's professional journey has seen her excel at Orange Jordan, where she served in the Solution Architecture and API Department. In this role, she contributed as an API developer, tester, and Data Integration specialist. Recognizing her skills and experience, Yusra was appointed as a Senior RPA Developer within the RPA team. During her tenure, she successfully developed over 30 projects utilizing Uipath technology.

Currently, Yusra holds the position of Senior Technology Consultant at PwC, focusing on the MENA region. Her role involves providing invaluable expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as Google Vertex AI, ML, Amazon AI, and Uipath RPA, among others. Yusra's work centers around the digitization of the workplace and exploring the convergence of the future of work and technology.

Driven by a commitment to professional growth, Yusra consistently keeps abreast of industry developments. Her goal is to leverage her skills and knowledge to deliver optimal value to her organization and the wider community. With a focus on challenging herself and enhancing her potential, Yusra strives to remain at the forefront of her field, actively contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


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