Basic Coding Procedural Paradigm

Instructed by Hikmat Shehadeh, Hana Al Rasheed, Eng. Dania Alsaid

This course is part of Programming from Zero to Hero

Course Overview

This course is about the fundamentals of programming in general. These fundamentals are applicable to various programming languages; but this course focuses on the Java language in particular,in addition to how to write algorithms and the most well-known algorithms.

Learning Outcomes

Master programming fundamentals Becoming proficient in Java data types Mastering operators and decision control structures Constructing primitive arrays Directing flow with loop mechanisms Defining methods Learn how to write a good algorithm Look at some of the most common sorting and searching algorithms "
Welcome to Course (2) : Basic Coding (Procedural Paradigm)
Block 1: Coding Fundamentals
Block 2: Conditional
Block 3: Loops
Block 4: Arrays
Block 5: Functions
Block 6: Algorithms
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Hikmat Shehadeh Teaching and Research Assistant