Business Analysis

Instructed by Eng.Sinan Kamal

Course Overview

This course targets to build a specific set of techniques, competencies and practices that can be applied to perform the continuous exploration, and investigation of business data in order to apply outputs to gain more Business value by generating more revenues, increase efficiency, reduce cost and optimize customer experience. The goal is that trainees should be able to have structured methodologies to obtain insights about a business that can lead to improved evidence-based decision-making.

Learning Outcomes

Build capacity to solve business-related problem working and manipulating data to find meaningful insights Practically apply statistical analysis Provide actionable recommendations Use data to understand and inform a business /describe what has happened. Build and measure and track metrics/key performance indicators (KPIs.) and dashboards Provide solutions, assessments, and validation to a broad range of situations by eliciting, planning, monitoring, and analyzing enterprise requirements. Demonstrate organizational skills, prepare written and oral presentations, interview clients, facilitate meetings, and respond to conflict professionally
Welcome to Course 3: Business Analysis
Block 1: Business Analytics
Block 2:Analytical Methods
Block 3:Business Intelligence
Block 4:Applied Analytical Models
Block 5:Data Analytics
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Eng.Sinan Kamal Data & AI Director at Orange