Business and Management Skills

Instructed by Alaa Abdalla, Bayan Alraqqad

This course is part of A Step into the World of Freelancing

Course Overview

Management and business skills are improving work-life balance and increasing happiness by having effective communication to reduce conflict. In this course, you will explore the techniques and skills needed for effective management and business writing skills to increase productivity and efficiency.

Learning Outcomes

Know the written communication skills and techniques Write at work or as a freelancer Write professional emails with effective email writing techniques To write business and financial proposals Create invoices for your business
Welcome to Course 4: Business and Management Skills
Block 1: المقترحات الفنية والمالية والفواتير
Block 2: أساسيات الإدارة
Block 3: الابتكار و التفكير التصميمي لإنشاء استراتيجية
Block 4: نموذج الأعمال و خطة العمل
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