Clinical Engineering Fundamentals

Instructed by Prof. Moussa Habib

This course is part of Clinical Engineering Professional

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide the fundamental concepts in managing medical technology, establishing and operating a clinical engineering department and the role of the clinical engineer in designing facilities used in patient care. Topics covered includes managing safety programs, technology assessment, technology acquisition, equipment planning for new clinical facilities, risk management, personal management, budgeting and ethical issues of concern to the clinical engineer

Learning Outcomes

Analyze and evaluate technology management strategies in healthcare settings, including selection, acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of medical devices. Conduct technology assessments to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of medical devices, and to identify opportunities for improvement. Develop and implement service management policies and procedures to ensure that medical devices are maintained and serviced properly, and that they meet regulatory and accreditation standards. Interpret and apply relevant codes and standards related to medical device design, manufacturing, installation, and operation. Apply financial management principles to healthcare technology investments, including budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and financial forecasting. Evaluate safety risks associated with medical devices and develop strategies to mitigate them, including risk assessments, incident investigations, and safety training programs. Develop technology planning strategies that align with organizational goals, priorities, and resources. Use computer systems and database management tools to support clinical engineering activities, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
Block 1: Principles of Clinical Engineering
Block 2: Codes and Standerds in Clinical Engineering
Block 3: Safety and Performance Evaluation
Block 4: Principles of Computing and Technology
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Prof. Moussa Habib Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at HTU