Clinical Systems Engineering

Instructed by Dr.Muhannad Al- Tarifi

This course is part of Clinical Engineering Professional

Course Overview

This course will primarily covers medical device connectivity and interoperability. This includes connecting medical devices to the hospital computer network to pass data to the patient medical record or to other medical devices for the purpose of feedback and control. The course will cover basic networking concepts, hospital network architecture, medical systems security and risk management, the role of interconnecting middle-ware, HL7 and DICOM data standards, moving data on the network, clinical information systems, digital imaging and image storage systems, medical device plug-and-play concepts, and a medical device integration project walk-thru. It will also cover healthcare informatics as it relates to medical device integration and how it supports clinical decision support

Learning Outcomes

Develop an understanding of Clinical Systems and their role in healthcare Understand the fundamentals of Network and their applications in Clinical Systems Identify different types of Clinical and Health Information Systems and their features Analyze Messaging and Data Standards used in Clinical Systems Describe the basics of Medical Device Integration and their integration with Clinical Systems Understand the importance of Interoperability and Standards in Clinical Systems Gain knowledge about Healthcare Informatics and its applications in Clinical Systems
Block 1: Principles of Systems and Networks
Block 2: Connectivity and compatibility between devices
Block 3: Healthcare Informatics
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Dr.Muhannad Al- Tarifi Assistant Professor, AlHussein Technical University