Coding Like a Pro

Course Overview

This course advances the journey into Python by exploring procedural and object-oriented programming (OOP). Learners will delve into concepts like functions, loops, classes, and inheritance to write more efficient and modular code. Additionally, the course covers file operations, JSON data handling, and introduces data analysis principles.

Learning Outcomes

Master procedural programming concepts and how to structure code for clarity. Understand OOP principles, including class creation, inheritance, and method definitions. Learn to perform file operations, including reading, writing, and handling JSON data. Get introduced to basic data analysis techniques and visualization in Python.

Field of practice

Software Developer
Python Developer
Data Scientist
Backend Developer

Technical Requirements

A computer capable of running online web applications
Basics of Python syntax and execution.
Welcome to Course 2: Coding Like a Pro
Block 1: Procedural Programming
Block 2: OOP Basics
Block 3: Procedural to OOP
Block 4: File Operations
Block 5: Data Analysis
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