Control Systems

Instructed by Dr.Murad Yaghi, Eng. Izzeldeen Manasra, Prof. Tarek Tutunji

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Course Overview

This course integrates the control theory, the soft algorithms, and hardware. It describes the control basics and most-commonly used PID algorithm. This algorithm is further examined using simulation. Also, the implementation of control systems is investigated through microcontrollers.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze the control concepts and technologies used in UV’s Explain the application of control parameters to produce optimum performance of a control system using PID Simulate and analyze the structure and behavior of typical control systems. Explore the principle features of microcontrollers and explain the purpose of its constituent parts Design and implement simple external circuitry, interfacing with an Arduino board Write well-structured control code in an appropriate programming language and download on microcontroller to test and debug.
Welcome to Course 3 : Control Systems
Block 1:Control Basics
Block 2: PID Controller
Block 3: Control Simulation using MATLAB
Block 4: Embedded Systems
Block 5: Arduino Board
Block 6: PID Code Implementation
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Dr.Murad Yaghi Assistant professor at HTU
Eng. Izzeldeen Manasra Hackerspace Manager at HTU
Prof. Tarek Tutunji Dean, School of Engineering Technology at HTU