Instructed by Hana Al Rasheed

This course is part of Full Stack Web Development

Course Overview

This online course provides a comprehensive overview of CSS, covering key concepts, selectors, and properties that are used in web design. You will also gain an understanding of the CSS box model and layout, which are crucial to creating visually appealing and functional web pages. Additionally, you will learn about responsive design, a technique used to create web pages that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to create attractive, responsive web pages that look great on any device.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of CSS. Learn and practice different CSS selectors and properties Understand the CSS box model and will practice different properties for page layout. Learn and practice implementing responsive design web pages.
Welcome to Course (3): CSS
Block 1: Introduction to CSS (selectors and properties)
Block 2: CSS box model and layout
Block 3: Responsive Design - 1
Block 4: Responsive Design - 2
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