Graphical Tools

Instructed by Eng.Heba Jaradat, Dr.Sameer Arabasi

This course is part of Handy Matlab

Course Overview

This course presents graphical tools in MATLAB including 2D plots, 3D, plots, animations and graphical user interface.

Learning Outcomes

Generate 2D and 3D plots accurately and with high quality. Produce attractive animations. Design user-friendly graphical user interfaces.
Welcome to Course 2: Graphical Tools
Block 1 : Two Dimensional (2D) Plots
Block 2 : Three Dimensional (3D) Plots
Block 3 : Animations with MATLAB
Block 4 : Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Block 5: Experimental Data Analysis
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Eng.Heba Jaradat Instructor Assistant at HTU
Dr.Sameer Arabasi Ph.D. Associate Professor at HTU