Industrial 4th and Prototyping

Instructed by Eng. Alaa Aldaamsah, Eng. Sereen Alzu’bi

Course Overview

This course focuses on teaching learners how to create products and prototypes for hobbies and businesses. The course covers programming and control systems to enable learners to create and build rapid prototypes. The course begins with an introduction to the Arduino platform, including the board, libraries, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). learners will learn the basics of using the Arduino platform to create simple control systems.

Learning Outcomes

Construct a functional prototype's control section using the Arduino platform. Explain the importance of prototyping and its benefits in the design and development process. Analyze and evaluate various production processes and their capabilities for creating prototypes. Implement strategies for managing timeliness in the prototyping process. Identify and assess the various hazards that can occur when developing a prototype, and develop strategies to mitigate them.
Welcome to Module 5: Industrial 4th and Prototyping
Block 1: Arduino 1
Block 2: Arduino 2
Block 3: Industrial Robotic Technology
Block 4: IOT
Block 5: Prototyping 1
Block 6: Prototyping 2
Final Assessment
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Eng. Alaa Aldaamsah Teaching and Research Assistant at HTU
Eng. Sereen Alzu’bi Teaching and Research Assistant at HTU