Introduction: Setup Development Environment

Instructed by Hikmat Shehadeh, Hana Al Rasheed, Eng. Dania Alsaid

This course is part of Programming from Zero to Hero

Course Overview

This course will serve as the beginning point for the programming adventure. We will learn about the stages of implementing code and the primary tools that we will need through this course. After learning about these tools, we will learn how to set them up on our devices because using them will be vital in our programming journey. This course will cover an introduction to the Java language, its fundamentals, and the proper way of thinking as a professional programmer capable of problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to start the journey of developing Java applications Explore the different programming paradigms Think as a problem solver Setup Java Development Environment and start Coding Learn the java basic syntax Manage resources using Integrated Development Environment and ease the development process Collaborate and track your source code using version control system with GitHub
Welcome to programming from Zero to Hero
Block 1: Software Development Lifecycles
Block 2: Problem Solving
Block 3 :Java Development Environment
Block4: Compile and Run
Block 5: Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Block 6: Version Control
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Hikmat Shehadeh Teaching and Research Assistant