Introduction to Python

Course Overview

This course introduces learners to the Python programming language, focusing on its syntax, fundamental concepts, and versatility across different domains. This course is designed to build a solid foundation in programming, covering everything from basic data types and control structures to more advanced topics like handling user inputs and manipulating strings.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of Python syntax and executionLearn to work with variables, data types, and basic operations. Develop skills in writing conditional statements and managing program flow. Explore string manipulation and concatenation techniques Gain experience with Python's datetime module and applying business logic.

Field of practice

Entry-Level Python Programmer
Data Analyst
Automation Engineer
Software Developer

Technical Requirements

A computer capable of running online web applications
Welcome to Course 1: Introduction to Python
Block 1: What a Beginning
Block 2: Build a Ticketing System
Block 3: Dive Into Logic
Block 4: Python Lists
Block 5: Python Dictionaries
Block 6: Functions & Loops
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