Know Yourself Better

Instructed by Alaa Abdalla, Dima Bilto

This course is part of A Step into the World of Freelancing

Course Overview

One of the most important skills that an individual must acquire is self-awareness and knowing your interests, needs, and special desires. In this course, you will learn about personality types, the concept of empathy, and thinking about others through a range of activities.

Learning Outcomes

Recognize and understand personal core values. Get to know What is emotional intelligence and how do we use it? Increase self-awareness and raise the level of empathy for others. Manage your feelings, understand, and deal with the feelings of others. Know character analysis tools and their use, such as DISC. Transfer knowledge and how to use the Japanese ikigai existential goal-setting tool through a “challenge that the university will adopt
Welcome to Course 2: Know Yourself Better
Block 1: الوعي الذاتي والذكاء العاطفي
Block 2: ابدأ بلماذا
Block 3: الخطة التطويرية الشخصية
Block 4: مهارات الاتصال
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Alaa Abdalla Director of professional development , community engagement and outreach center