Instructed by Prof. Abdallah Abdallah

Course Overview

This course builds on the previous courses in building the business sense for trainees, by earning leadership skills. Trainees will learn how leaders behave in the business environment, how to become leaders, and why it is a great thing to lead and work for great leaders. At the end of the course, trainees will realize that leadership skills can be learned and earned by anyone who is sincerely willing to change.

Learning Outcomes

Examine key characteristic of a leader. Evaluate the difference between managers and leaders. Specify key soft skills needed for any great employee to behave as a leader. Demonstrate Effective adaptation of new tools learned in this course.
Welcome to Course 6 : Leadership
Block 1: Leadership Skills I
Block 2: Leadership Skills II
Block 3: Leadership Skills III
Block 3: Soft Skills for Data Analysts I
Block 5: Soft Skills for Data Analysts II
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Prof. Abdallah Abdallah CEO of the Amman Chamber of Industry