Instructed by Eng. Shorouq Halawani, Prof. Abdallah Abdallah

Course Overview

This course builds on the knowledge gained in course 1 and enhances trainee’s knowledge in managerial aspects relevant to the work of modern data analysis. The course covers management information systems, basics of project management, basics of information and data security and ends with a wrap up about business acumen. By the end of this course, trainees will be able to greatly appreciate their role in creating and maintaining business success as a data analyst.

Learning Outcomes

Examine principles of data management, performance management and project management. Evaluate the effect of several aspects of data science work on helping the business become successful. Specify the business strategy and the exact elements of data science that affect corporate objectives. Demonstrate Effective adaptation of new tools learned in this course.
Welcome to Course 2 : Management
Block 1:Management Information Systems
Block 2:Principles of Project Management
Block 3: Professional / Performance Management
Block 4: Information Security Management
Block 5: Strategic Thinking
Block 6: Business Acumen
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Eng. Shorouq Halawani Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consultant
Prof. Abdallah Abdallah CEO of the Amman Chamber of Industry