Medical Devices Cybersecurity

Instructed by Axel Wirth

This course is part of Clinical Engineering Professional

Course Overview

This course aims to equip health technology professionals with foundational knowledge and specific guidance on the topic of medical device security. With the increasing complexity and integration of medical devices, there is a growing number of cyber security risks that must be addressed. Traditional IT safeguards cannot always be applied to medical devices, compounding the challenge. The course will provide an overview of the challenges in medical device security and offer skill sets, tools, and guidance to mitigate security risks in the expanding medical device ecosystem. By the end of the course, learners will have a thorough understanding of medical device security and the necessary measures to ensure the safety and privacy of patients and medical systems.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of cybersecurity and how it impacts healthcare Gain knowledge of medical device security and the risks associated with connected medical devices Understand the role of connectivity and infrastructure in medical device cybersecurity Learn about medical device inclusive risk management and how it can be implemented in healthcare organizations Explore different security technologies, tools, and resources that can be used to mitigate cybersecurity risks in medical devices Deep dive into medical device cybersecurity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topic Understand the regulatory and best practice environment surrounding medical device cybersecurity Gain knowledge of future trends in cybersecurity risks and cybersecurity management in healthcare
Block 1: Cybersecurity
Block 2: Medical Device Security
Block 3: Security technologies
Block 4: Regulatory, standards & best practice environment
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Axel Wirth Chief Security Strategist, MedCrypt Inc.; Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut