Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Paradigm

Instructed by Hikmat Shehadeh, Hana Al Rasheed, Eng. Dania Alsaid

This course is part of Programming from Zero to Hero

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles and patterns of object-oriented design by understanding the concepts of abstract and concrete classes, as well as interfaces. You will also explore the importance of encapsulation and how it is used in object-oriented programming. Additionally, you will delve into class inheritance and polymorphism, two important concepts for building robust and flexible software systems.

Learning Outcomes

Understand object-oriented design principles and patterns Defining abstract and concrete classes, and interfaces Understanding encapsulation, class inheritance, and polymorphism Working with the Java API’s
Welcome to Course (3): Object Oriented Programming Paradigm
Block 1: OOP Fundamentals
Block 2: Modifiers and Keywords
Block 3: Encapsulation
Block 4: Inheritance
Block 5: Libraries and Packages
Block 6: Design Pattern
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Hikmat Shehadeh Teaching and Research Assistant