Road to Oracle Certified Associate Certification

Instructed by Hikmat Shehadeh, Hana Al Rasheed, Eng. Dania Alsaid

This course is part of Programming from Zero to Hero

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare learner s for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) exam, a globally recognized certification in Java programming. The course covers key exam topics, including Java basics, object-oriented programming, Java data types, control structures, and arrays. learner s will gain hands-on experience through solving exercises that simulate real-world programming scenarios and exploring challenging review questions. In addition, the course offers exam readiness checks to evaluate learner ‘s readiness and provide personalized feedback. This course is ideal for Java developers who want to demonstrate their mastery of Java programming and earn the OCA certification. By the end of the course, learner s will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pass the OCA exam and further advance their Java programming career.

Learning Outcomes

Get prepared for the OCA exam Check exam readiness Solve hands-on exercises Explore key topic exam essentials and challenging review questions
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Block 1: Java Certification
Block 2 : Prepare to OCA
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Hikmat Shehadeh Teaching and Research Assistant