Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

Instructed by Engineering Workshops, Eng. Alaa Aldaamsah, Dr.Firas Kafiah

Course Overview

Rapid prototyping (RP) quickly creates a physical part by using various manufacturing techniques. It doesn’t limit to specific processes, one can use more than one manufacturing technique to assemble a prototype. So, this course explains four main families of standard manufacturing processes: injection molding/Casting, machining, forming, and joining. Also, we offer an optional practical face-to-face training session for Jordanian learners under supervision of professional trainers.

Learning Outcomes

Describe safety procedures that need to be followed in a machine shop. Describe all manufacturing processes, including their capabilities and limits. Select the suitable material and process for your product. Select appropriate machining processes and tools to make a given part. By assesment
Welcome to Module 2 : Traditional Manufacturing Techniques
Block 1: Material Selection
Block 2: Casting & Injection Process
Block 3: Forming Process
Block 4: Machining Process
Block 5 : Welding Process (1)
Block 6 : Welding Process (2)
Eng. Alaa Aldaamsah Teaching and Research Assistant at HTU
Dr.Firas Kafiah PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Applied materials & manufacturing)