Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Instructed by Eng. Momtaz Abadir, Eng. Izzeldeen Manasra

This course is part of Mobile RobotiX

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the design and testing steps for project-based unmanned vehicles. learners will learn about the main building blocks in unmanned vehicles, including their electrical and mechanical components, and how to select and test them.

Learning Outcomes

Understand and simulate the main building blocks in unmanned vehicles Select the required components for unmanned vehicles Test electrical components used in unmanned vehicles Design and simulate the mechanical structures for unmanned vehicles Build, program, and test small UGV Build, program, and test small Quadcopter
Welcome to Course 4: Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Block 1: Vehicle Block Diagram
Block 2: SolidWorks
Block 3: Build UGV
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Eng. Momtaz Abadir Mechanical Engineering/ Aeronautics - PhD Candidate
Eng. Izzeldeen Manasra Hackerspace Manager at HTU