Functional Math

This course is part of Functional Math

Course Overview

This course introduces a transitional stage for the study of subsequent mathematics subjects in the faculties of engineering and computer sciences. Among the topics included in this unit are: Basic algebra, matrices, functions and graphs, differentiation, and integration. Students will develop their skills with the use of technology such as scientific calculators, and computer software’s packages in graphing and solving mathematical problems.

Learning Outcomes

Perform matrix algebra to solve applied and theoretical problems using technology when appropriate. Acquire basic mathematical knowledge in functions. Apply appropriate differentiation formulas to evaluate the derivative of various types of functions and use them to solve geometrical, physical, and optimization problems. Apply appropriate integration formulas to evaluate the integration of various types of functions and use them in some integration techniques and to solve area problems.
Block 1: Algebra
Block 2: basic operations on matrices
Block 3: Inverse of a matrix Determinants
Block 4: eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Block 5: Functions
Block 6: Trigonometry
Block 7: Inverse functions
Block 8: Hyperbola
Block 9: Limits, tangent lines and derivative at a point
Block 10: Chain Rule and implicit differentiation
Block 11: Derivative of inverse functions
Block 12: First derivative test for extrema values
Block 13: concavity and inflection points
Block 14: Applied Optimization
Block 15: Antiderivative and indefinite integral
Block 16: Definite integral
Block 17: Integration by substitution + Integration by parts and area between curves