Hardware with MATLAB

Instructed by Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab

This course is part of Handy Matlab

Course Overview

Non-traditional less known but still important applicational are presented. The applications include acoustics, machine learning, finance and education which are widely used by MATLAB users. Acoustics is a field that is becoming more and more important. Machine learning includes attractive artificial intelligence applications, Analysis of financial data in addition to performing modeling and prediction are included in the finance section. Producing educational tools with the aid of MATLAB is an appealing topic.

Learning Outcomes

Solve using MATLAB important applications in acoustics, machine learning, finance and education Widen the library of important and less known applications in MATLAB
Welcome to Course 5: Hardware with MATLAB
Block 1: Linking MATLAB to Hardware
Block 2: Linking MATLAB to Hardware Applications
Block 3: Interfacing MATLAB with sensors
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Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab Mechanical Engineering Professor / Dean of Scientific Research and Innovation