Introduction and Basics

Instructed by Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab, Dr.Sameer Arabasi

This course is part of Handy Matlab

Course Overview

MATLAB origin, resources and power are revealed. Clear justifications and motivation for using MATLAB are provided. The backbone of MATLAB which are vectors and matrices are explained in details and their efficient use is demonstrated. Operators, functions and other useful manipulations are explained thoroughly. Coding in MATLAB is given a special attention. Communication between MATLAB filing and other systems filing is clarified. The powerful use of MATLAB in experimental data analysis is explained with practical applications.

Learning Outcomes

Master the basics of MATLAB Produce MATLAB Code Handle Basic applications and data analysis
Welcome To Handy MATLAB
Block 1 : MATLAB Overview
Block 2 : MATLAB Environment, Assignments, Simple Operations, Basic functions and commands
Block 3 : Vectors, Matrices, and Linear Algebra
Block 4 : Programming m-files, Loops and Conditional Statements, Subroutines
Block 5 : Importing_Exporting Files and Preparing Documents for Reporting
Module.1 Quiz
Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab Mechanical Engineering Professor / Dean of Scientific Research and Innovation
Dr.Sameer Arabasi Ph.D. Associate Professor at HTU