Java Script

Instructed by Dr.Raneem Qadoura

This course is part of Full Stack Web Development

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to JavaScript and covers essential concepts necessary to build interactive web pages. Participants will learn about variables and operators, conditions and repetition, functions, and event-driven DOM manipulation. Through practical exercises, learners will gain a deeper understanding of how to write effective code and create dynamic user interfaces. This course is ideal for beginners who want to start learning JavaScript or those who want to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals. Upon completion, learners will have a strong foundation in JavaScript programming and be able to create interactive web pages with ease.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the fundamentals of JS. Learn and practice variables & operators. Learn and practice Conditions and Repetition. Declare and call different Functions. Manipulate the DOM Elements driven by events.
Welcome to Course 4: JAVA Script
Block 1: Introduction to JS
Block 2: Variables & operators
Block 3: Conditions and Repetition
Block 4: Functions
Block 5 : JS
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Dr.Raneem Qadoura Assistant Professor at Al Hussein Technical University.