Node JS & Database

Instructed by Hana Al Rasheed

This course is part of Full Stack Web Development

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive overview of Node.js and MongoDB, two essential technologies for building modern web applications. Participants will learn about courses, Node.js Express, Node EJS, MongoDB NoSQL Database, and how to connect Node.js with a database. Through hands-on exercises, learners will gain practical experience in building server-side applications, RESTful APIs, and database-driven web applications. The course is ideal for developers who want to expand their knowledge of full-stack development and build scalable and maintainable web applications. Upon completion, learners will have a solid understanding of how to use Node.js and MongoDB together to build modern web applications, including RESTful APIs, and be ready to take on more advanced topics in full-stack development.

Learning Outcomes

The learners will learn Node.js Modules The learners will practice Node.js express The learners will use the templates provided by Node EJS The learners will be introduced to MongoDB NoSQL Database, and they will practice CRUD operations. The learners will know how to connect Node.js with the database.
Welcome to Course (6): Node LS & Database
Block 1: Modules
Block 2: Node.js express
Block 3: Node EJS
Block 4: MongoDB NoSQL Database
Block 5: Connect Node.js with Database
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