Dynamic System Modeling

Instructed by Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab

This course is part of Mobile RobotiX

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth introduction to the fundamental modelling tools for vehicle dynamics. learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical principles, dynamics, state space and transfer functions, and simulation techniques required to model vehicle dynamics accurately.

Learning Outcomes

Solve systems of linear equations relevant to engineering applications using matrix methods Understand the dynamic behavior of mechanical systems Analyze the dynamics of vehicles Develop transfer functions and state-space equations for vehicles Model the dynamics of vehicles Simulate dynamic systems and analyze the results
Welcome to Course 1: System Modeling
Block 1: Basic Dynamics
Block 2: Vehicle Dynamics
Block 3: Math Review (Laplace)
Block 4: Transfer Functions and State-Space
Block 5: MATLAB Simulation
Final Exam
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Dr.Mohammad Al-Ashhab Mechanical Engineering Professor / Dean of Scientific Research and Innovation